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During four year completion of Indian Government industries of India has seen Lots of up and down in which i can take most of data like

  • Demonetization of 500 & 1000 it is said that it break the backbone of black money keeper. as they are not getting any opportunity what to do and what not during this we have seen #GOLD Purchasing currency conversion which mediator are filling their pocket i new some of the news were we had seen that some guys were taking money for exchange and they are taking commission for this even though end user may get 60 or 70% of total amount given for exchange this thing were common.

  • Introduction to GST i will take it as positive for me but it is said that it made open competition on into the market for the same product because we are knowing now the complete price list of the market due to middle started facing struggle for the new deal and #OEM have to make their price down as new startup revolution has also come into the market this make the sense because now ball comes into the customer hand now were he want, he will though the ball. we have to be ready to face each type ball weather it is bouncer, yourker, or spin.

  • Startup India! i think this is now our common word to make introduce our new business specially it has given opportunity new talent to come and show their skill were we had seen many player come into digital market and there is the boom came into the market #Amazon is announcing that will setup our base in India what he was knowing #Flipkart Snapdeal Myntra will give tough competition now what we are seeing #Flipkart is took by #Wallmart. why is it so  customer satisfaction comes first but in online as i said it is open challenge you have to very specific what they are delivering in how much time what are the review of customer regarding to that is seems Amazon has better facility and he know that how to tackle the market easily after all company is getting Worlds biggest Market because we are youngest country in the WORLD as per all report.

  • #MAKE IN INDIA ! This encourage all Indian to make your product by your name that why government shows their interest because we are also knowing India produce the quality product  its not just product and that is what world want but the problem is what they only some the company was getting that opportunity to make their name into the as they had run from long ago and became the giant this thing are now becoming smaller and more manufacture has shown their interest in make in India concept the best example is that New Mobile companies introduce into the market  i can say world companies looking their opportunity into Indian Market.

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it shows industry and environment digesting each and every activity of humans.
image credit goes Ralf Vetterle

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