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Transformer And Test equipment

As we know how important is to test all of our product before it deliver into the market since i have experienced as a test and quality assurance engineer for distribution transformer i have taking my goal to passed maximum no. quality transformer which is been utilize by our customers most of the transformer are been purchased by the government as for that they release the tender also we have to fulfill there requirement on their given deadlines. We have to test transformer on each and every stage so we had categorized as per their stages.

Assembly Test:

  • Transformer Turns Ratio Test

  • Insulation resistance test

Partial Test:

  • Transformer Turns Ratio Test

  • Partial test

  • Winding resistance test

  • Insulation resistance test

Routine Test:

  • No Load

  • Load Loss

  • Winding Resistance test

  • Transformer turns ratio test

  • Winding resistance test

  • High Voltage test

  • Induced over voltage test

Type Test Applied At manufacturing Site:

  • Temperature Rise Test

  • Vector Group

  • Magnetic balance Test.

For all this test various type test equipment we would required core loss test set, Transformer test panel, transformer turns ratio meter, high voltage tester, etc.

if you required any information regarding to testing you can ask me any question by commenting below. or by signing up our page.

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